- Int&Fin&Est Ch NordW-01Welladays Basil The Fourth -


1998 - 2004

Hips: A/B Elbows: 0/0 Eyes: ok

Breeder: Marie-Louise Almgren

Don's Welcome Back

Don's Halleluja Am Ch Cypress Woods Certified Copy
Don's The Big Apple
He-Sea's A-Lily of The Valley Int&&Swe&Norw Ch Welladays War Lord
Norw Ch Welladays Waldorf Astoria
Frejakalgens Bonne Louise JWW-96 NordW-97 SW-98 Don's The Road King Multi Ch Don's Blues Brother
Outline's Harley Davidson
S U(u) Ch Frejakalgens Andromeda Outline's Banana Dream
He-Sea's Amanda Honeysuckle